Male American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix, very friendly, named "Biggie," microchipped, missing a toe on his right front foot, *REWARD, 234-521-5335 (call or text)
   Canton South

   Female Exotic Short-Hair Tiger cat, dark fur, smushed-in face, 330-364-0000
   Near Treva's in Dover

   Male Chocolate Lab mix, 330-407-6064
   Oak Dale Road/Cutler Road in Sherrodsville

   Female Yorkie/Chihuahua mix, black with a white stripe on her chest, very small, 330-243-0151
   Bair Road in Dover (off State Route 516)

   Female Miniature Pincher, named "Nora," about 8 pounds, deformed front leg (looks broken but isn't), wearing a black collar with flowers on it, 330-432-3600
   Outside of Uhrichsville

   Female Pom-Chi, 4 pounds, all blonde fur, dark brown bubble eyes, no front teeth on top or bottom, 15 years old, very fragile (her body hurts if you hold her incorrectly), a silver car pulled into the parking lot and took her, *REWARD for any information leading to her return, 330-447-6227
   The Antique Treasure Chest in Goshen

   Male Tabby, grey and black fur, 10 months old, friendly, named "Boo Boo," was wearing a blue collar and tags but might have lost them, wearing a blue striped T-shirt (because of an injury), 704-770-7183 or 330-365-1672
   Ray Avenue in New Philadelphia (near Lam's)

   Male Chihuahua, long white fur, answers to "Casper," wearing a black collar, 330-204-7329
   Welty Middle School in New Philadelphia

   Female Beagle, tan and white fur, answers to "Molly," wearing an orange collar, 330-691-5254 or 330-343-5710
   Between Angel Road and Stony Point Road in Sugarcreek (near Barrs Mills Road)

   Female Shih Tzu, named "Fifi," very sweet, wearing a blue collar, 330-663-1249
   W. High Avenue in New Philadelphia

   Grey and black striped Tiger kitten, long hair, 330-343-7755
   Near Zimmer in Dover

   Female mix breed, black and white with speckles, long curly fur, young, wearing a blue collar, 330-933-5143
   Outside of Ragersville

   Female Tortoiseshell, black/tan/white fur, young, small, recent surgical wound needs immediate attention, 330-343-8070
   E. 2nd Street in Dover

   Female Calico, white chest and nose, white "socks" on back feet, white toes on front feet, appears to have been recently spayed, found on 10/6/17, 330-365-6430
   Ashwood Lane NW in New Philadelphia

   Female, tiger-striped fur, sweet, 330-987-5307
   Dennison (outside of town)

   Female, possibly a Pug, small, brown fur, well taken care of, friendly, 330-407-0988
   Union Avenue NW in New Philadelphia

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