Male, orange fur, very friendly, named "Pumba", 330-340-8805

   Male Pug/Chihuahua mix (looks like a Pug), black fur, older and graying, named "Percy", 330-340-3564
   Church Avenue near Starlight in New Philadelphia

   Male, long hair, greyish/brown and black fur with a white beard/bib and white snout, named "Zuko," inside cat, went missing on 5/15/18, 724-553-0933
   Tuscarawas Avenue near the Dover/Phila line

   Female Calico, orange and white, declawed, spayed, indoor cat, named "Ginger", 330-447-4027
   3rd Street in Beach City

   Male, long hair, white and brown, 216-882-5365

   Male Akita, 6 years old, wearing a yellow harness and retractable leash, rescue dog, probably scared or shy, 330-340-3134
   New England Road in New Philadelphia

   Female German Shepherd, young, named "Lilo," wearing a Dallas Cowboys collar, skittish but friendly, 330-663-1381
   Downtown Dennison

   Female Black Lab/Shar Pei mix, chubby, old, slow, could seem confused (may have dementia), named "Lucy", 330-807-1208
   Fox Valley Road/Sharon Valley Road in New Philadelphia

   Female(?), looks like a Bull Dog, grey coat, medium size, taken to the Tuscarawas County Dog Pound, 330-339-2616 (Tuscarawas County Dog Pound)
   Cedar Lane and 6th Street NW in New Philadelphia

   White pigeon-like bird, very tame, 330-364-5651
   W. 22nd Street in north Dover

   Male, possibly a Shih Tzu, long hair, tan and white, 330-243-3882
   Wabash Avenue and Union Avenue in New Philadelphia

   Female Cocker Spaniel, beige fur, well groomed, 330-343-9581
   Grant Street in Dover

   Female Pit Bull, brindled with a white chest, 6 to 9 months old, taken to the Tuscarawas County Dog Pound, 330-339-2616 (Tuscarawas County Dog Pound)

   Male mix breed, brown and white fur, fat, 330-204-3867
   State Route 93 north of Copperhead Road NW in Dundee

   Shepherd-type dog, black fur, wearing a red collar, *RUNNING LOOSE, 330-343-0096
   New England Road and County Road 83 in New Philadelphia

   Male, brown/tan fur with some grey, white paws, 330-407-4547
   Simpson Road near Midvale

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