Male Hound/Boxer mix, mostly white with brown spots, about 15 pounds, about 4 months old, floppy ears, long legs, long tail, very friendly, answers to "Moose," wearing a collar and tags, 330-934-0612

   Male, black and white fur, named "Oreo," about 2 years old, very friendly, 330-432-8235 (call or text)
   Allen Lane and 3rd Drive SW in New Philadelphia

   Male, orange with white paws and white under his chin, named "Boots," about 2 years old, fat, 330-340-9228
   Glen Drive in New Philadelphia (near Central Catholic)

   Male, named "Harlow," small, grey striped fur, neutered, microchipped, one year old, weighs about 10 pounds, has been missing for about a week, 315-212-7288
   East Elementary in New Philadelphia

   Orange fur, big, named "Nunzi", 330-407-1054
   2nd Street SW and Bank Lane in New Philadelphia

   Female Great Dane/German Shepherd mix, named "Fern," grey and tan fur, wearing a green and pink collar, 330-827-9165
   Stone Creek

   Male, small, gray fur, neutered, answers to "Clyde" and "Smokey", 330-407-1054
   2nd Street SW and Bank Lane in New Philadelphia

   Male, large, black with a white star on his chest and a white stripe on his belly, friendly, neutered, named "Chubby," (old picture from when he was thinner), 330-407-1054
   2nd Street SW and Bank Lane in New Philadelphia

   Female Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix, multi-colored (black/white/grey/brown), two different colored eyes, young, named "Alpine," wearing a purple collar, 318-525-5610
   Deibel Road in Stone Creek

   Male, black fur, named "Nikko," declawed, neutered, one flat ear, 330-407-1054
   2nd Street SW and Bank Lane in New Philadelphia

   Male Bloodhound named "Buford," wearing an orange collar but no tags, went missing on 3/12/17, 330-365-7288
   Near the Carroll/Tuscarawas border in Sherrodsville

   Rubber bed mat from a Ford F-150 pickup truck, 330-243-2277
   Route 250 near junction of I-77 northbound lane

   Female Flat-Coat Retriever mix, long black fur, medium build, blue tongue, 10 years old, about 40 pounds, very loving and sweet, named "Abbey", 330-949-2412
   Hilltop Drive in Magnolia

   Female Chihuahua/Terrier mix, blonde fur, named "Kaylee," wearing a pink collar, 740-403-4816
   Near the 250 split in Dennison

   Male, orange and white fur, 2.5 years old, front declawed, named Levi, went missing on 1/5/17, 330-556-8604
   University Drive in New Philadelphia

   Male Australian Shepherd, tan/brown fur, named "Brumby", 330-329-4322
   Mt. Vernon Boulevard in Canton

   Female Tabby, grey fur, front declawed, went missing on 12/31/16, 330-340-4086
   Winfield-Strasburg Road NW in Strasburg

  2 DOGS
   1) Female Whippet/Greyhound (Silken Windhound), named "Enya," long white fur, small, thin, arched back, silky hair, microchipped, 2) Female Schipperke, black fur, fox face, 15 pounds, no tail, 330-874-3378
   Fort Laurens Road in Bolivar

   Female Pit Bull, brown and white fur, friendly, 330-778-1918
   Crooked Run Road in New Philadelphia

   Black and grey fur, wearing a white flea collar, 330-556-8563
   Sterling Avenue in Dover

   Male Golden Retriever, 330-343-6337
   Near the Catholic Cemetery on State Route 39 NW

   Boxer, friendly, 330-663-8133
   Lewis Avenue in New Philadelphia

   Looks like a Jack Russell Terrier, tan and white fur, 330-401-9239

   Male Cockatiel, grey, caught in the New Towne Mall parking lot and taken to the staff at Petz Place, 330-339-0661
   New Towne Mall parking lot, Petz Place (118 Commercial Avenue SW in New Philadelphia)

   Male Dachshund mix, black and tan fur, young, small, found on 2/24/17, 330-418-8438
   Route 800 just outside Mineral City

   Female, black fur, green eyes, very friendly with people and dogs, declawed, litter trained, 740-336-1057
   Shel Mar Estates in New Philadelphia

   Female, light orange fur, very lovable, 330-663-8755 or 330-987-2547
   Port Washington

   Female, short legs, small ears, very fluffy, used to children, seems to be someone's pet, very loving and sweet, has been hanging around for a few days, 330-575-7628
   Near Union Hospital

   Male, white fur, short hair, very friendly, likes belly rubs, wearing a black harness, dragging a green leash, 330-401-1104
   4th Street SW in New Philadelphia

   Male German Shepherd, black fur, wearing an orange and white collar with a tag that has incorrect information in it, 330-243-2533
   Main Street in Tuscarawas

   Female Pit Bull, mostly white with some brown, taken to the Tuscarawas County Dog Pound, 330-339-2616 (Tuscarawas County Dog Pound)
   Middle Run Road outside of Dover

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