Female Tiger cat, black and grey, named "Shadow," family pet, 330-440-5113
   Zella Avenue and Hardesty Avenue NW in New Philadelphia

   Standard Parti Poodle, black head and face, mostly white body with black speckles, named "Max" , 330-827-4358
   Lagoon area in New Philadelphia

   Male, all black with two small white spots on his front right leg, named "Sebastian" but also answers to "Bassy Boy," neutered, front declawed, missing since 10/24/19, 330-407-1328
   Canal Road NE in Dover

   Male Norwegian Forest Cat, black and white long hair, 15 years old, neutered, 909-702-1325
   Joyce Hill Road in New Philadelphia (Stone Creek Road side)

   Male, short black hair, a little bit of white on his chest, large, neutered, has been hanging around for several weeks, 330-934-9105
   Slingluff Avenue in Dover (near Crater Stadium)

   Tabby, grey and white, friendly, wearing a black collar, 330-432-3398
   Near Family Dollar on Wabash Avenue in New Philadelphia

   Male, possibly a Lab/Beagle/Basset Hound mix, mostly brown with some black on his back, chubby, short legs, long ears, wearing a green and blue collar but no tags, 330-401-1846
   Central Road and Sunset Boulevard in Strasburg

   Yellow Lab, very friendly, wearing a cammo collar but no tags, 330-340-6721
   Blacksnake Hill Road and Schneider's Crossing in Dover

   Male Pit Bull, wearing a red collar and red bandanna, very friendly, 330-243-0054
   Walnut Street and Slingluff Avenue in Dover

   White with black horns, has been hanging around for about a month, nobody can catch him, 330-324-2994
   At the Trail Head outside of Bolivar

   Pug, tan fur, wearing a harness, 330-447-1291
   E. Iron Avenue in Dover

  2 DOGS
   2 Pit Bulls, one male and one female, 330-407-1228

   Male, short black hair, green eyes, about 12 pounds, 330-243-6841
   N. Broadway and Minnich Avenue in New Philadelphia

   Male Black Lab, young, wearing a teal harness and an orange collar, 330-447-6309
   2nd Street in Dover

   Grey and white fur, front declawed, very friendly, likes to be pet, tries to come inside, 330-204-9283
   Near the lagoon in New Philadelphia

   Male, mostly white with grey on his head and neck, neutered, very friendly, 330-260-1732
   Chelsea Drive in Dover

   Female Dilute Calico, grey/yellow/white fur, extremely friendly, loves people, front declawed, has been hanging around for about a week, 330-339-7025
   Donald Drive SW in New Philadelphia

   Light grey and white fur, younger, super friendly, 330-432-7751
   Between Poolside Lane and Indian Meadows in Dover

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