Male, grey and white, no tail, inside cat, very skittish, not used to being outside, 330-340-3321
   Lewis Avenue NW in New Philadelphia

   Female mixed breed, black and tan fur, ~40 to 50 pounds, friendly, wearing a black harness, 330-204-6960

   Female, grey stripes, older, wearing a white collar, 330-987-6465
   Snazzy Circle SW in New Philadelphia

   Male Tiger cat, named "Herbie," grey, medium size, around 20 years old, 330-556-9657
   Ray Avenue NW in New Philadelphia (near the high school)

   Male Tabby, white with dark tiger stripes on his head/back/tail/legs, 5 years old, neutered, will come if you whistle, named "Mr. Dinkel", 330-343-7755
   Thornwood Park in Dennison

   Male, mostly black with white on his chin/neck/paws, 20-25 pounds, named "Gatsby", 330-357-6274
   Wainwright/Tusky area

   Wirehaired Dachshund, blonde fur, short, wearing a green Christmas sweater and red collar with a blue leash, 330-447-9614
   Baltzley Valley Road SE in New Philadelphia

   Female German Shepherd, named "Gemini," all black, fixed, skittish, missing since 12/18/20, 740-294-3243

   Both Great Pyrenees, all white, about 90 pounds, the male is named "Boomer," the female is named "Bernie," both were wearing invisible fence collars but no tags, 330-987-5438 or 330-260-0833
   Wolford Road SE outside of Uhrichsville/Newport

   Black and white tuxedo. Looks to be about 6 months old and clean and healthy., 3308063761
   10928 Buehler Road NE

   Male, orange and white, 330-440-1339
   West side of New Philadelphia

   Male Siamese, has been roaming loose in the area since mid-January, 330-364-2070
   Near Willow Glen between Dover and Sugarcreek

   Female, orange fur, short hair, very sweet, underfed, wearing a multi-colored collar with a bell and a pumpkin charm but no tags, has been hanging around for a few days, 330-401-1215
   Near Marty's Gas Station on the east side of New Philadelphia

   White with black spots (like a cow), 330-243-2705
   Bank Lane in New Philadelphia

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