Rat Terrier, black and white, 8 months old, went missing on 12/7/18, 330-243-2372
   Near Buehler's in north Dover

   Male, black and white, long hair, 330-343-9129
   Crater Stadium/11th Street/Slingluff Avenue

   Female mixed breed, looks like a short-haired Border Collie, named "Nezzie," black fur with a white chest, support dog, may be skittish, wearing a black collar, 330-949-7538
   Near Harry Clever Airport in New Philadelphia

   Female, brown fur, wearing a collar and tags from PA, 330-554-1400
   Tabor Ridge Road NE between New Philadelphia and Mineral City

   Male, small, brown fur, was wearing a red collar but may have been removed, his two missing brothers were found in Dundee, REWARD (no questions asked!), 330-691-1022
   E. 11th Street in Uhrichsville

   Male, mostly brown with white on his two back feet and nose, 330-465-9181
   Strasburg-Bolivar Road

   Male Tabby, grey and black stripes, named "Boris," skittish around people and may run away if approached, 330-987-2879 or 330-827-7588 (call or text)
   Dover Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets in Dover

   Male, gray and white, has his claws, 330-407-2905
   W. 15th Street in Dover (near Peterman Plumbing)

   Female, white with grey and black tiger stripes, named "Charlie", 330-447-6959
   Lincoln Avenue and Front Street in Dover

   Male Pit Bull, mostly brown with some white, 330-339-2616 (Tuscarawas County Dog Pound)
   Henderson School Road in New Philadelphia (about 1/2 mile off of State Route 39)

   Black and white fur, 330-365-6245
   Reeves Heights in Dover

   Female Calico, very friendly, no front claws, has been roaming the neighborhood for about a month, 330-340-5912 (text)
   300 block of Front Street and Cross Street in Dover

   Female Calico, very loving and friendly, she is a little beat up, 330-432-1516
   12th Street in Dover

   Female Rottweiler, thin, wearing a pink/tan collar but no tags, 330-243-1162
   Grant Street in Dover

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