Male cat. 15 years old. Black and white Norwegian Forest Cat. Neutered. Long hair. , 909-702-1325
   Joyce Hill (Stone Creek Road side)

   Female Tabby, brown/grey/black fur, wearing a green collar with a bell but no tags, 330-556-2397
   Gilgen Avenue in New Philadelphia (near Central Catholic)

   Male, 7 months old, all black with a white spot on his chest, short hair, named "Oreo," *$50 REWARD, missing since 6/30/19, 330-243-6315
   W. 7th Street in Dover

   Female Yorkie/Schnoodle mix, tan fur, named "Sadie", 330-260-5547
   Wooster Avenue in Strasburg

   Female Pit/Boxer mix, golden and white fur, named "Misty," friendly, active, medium size, wearing a chain collar and tags, 939-219-0117 (call or text)
   Commercial Avenue in New Philadelphia

  Found 2 Pitbulls, one male one female
   Jim found 2 Pitbulls, 330-407-1228

   Short, black hair. Green eyes. Possibly 12 pound cat. , 330-243-6841
   Corner of Broadway and Minnich

   Male Black Lab, young, wearing a teal harness and an orange collar, 330-447-6309
   2nd Street in Dover

   Grey and white fur, front declawed, very friendly, likes to be pet, tries to come inside, 330-204-9283
   Near the lagoon in New Philadelphia

   Male, mostly white with grey on his head and neck, neutered, very friendly, 330-260-1732
   Chelsea Drive in Dover

   Female Dilute Calico, grey/yellow/white fur, extremely friendly, loves people, front declawed, has been hanging around for about a week, 330-339-7025
   Donald Drive SW in New Philadelphia

   Light grey and white fur, younger, super friendly, 330-432-7751
   Between Poolside Lane and Indian Meadows in Dover

   Light orange/white, very friendly, 330-446-3954
   Shel-Mar in New Philadelphia

   Female(?), black and white fur, well groomed, appears to be a house cat, has 6 toes, 330-440-4081
   6th Street NW in New Philadelphia (near Bud 'n Tooties)

   *ROAMING LOOSE* Dark grey/black/white, white around its face, not very scared but can't get close enough to catch, wearing a collar, has been hanging around since about 7/15/19, 330-343-7755
   1000 block of E. High Avenue in New Philadelphia

   Female Tabby, grey and black stripes, long white wispy hair on chin and ears, front declawed, very sweet, wearing a tattered pink collar, found on 7/12/19, 330-447-1808
   Near East Elementary in New Philadelphia

   Female, maybe part Dachshund/part Spaniel, small, golden red fur, about a year old, was running loose for a few days before someone caught her, 330-364-6162
   Schilling Hill Road in Dover (off of Crooked Run Road)

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