Female Black Lab/Shar Pei mix, chubby, old, slow, could seem confused (may have dementia), named "Lucy", 330-807-1208
   Fox Valley Road/Sharon Valley Road in New Philadelphia

   Female Australian Shepherd, brown and white fur, 13 to 15 pounds, named "Gypsy", 330-340-5153
   State Route 516 and State Route 39 area in Dover

  Maine Coon Cat
   Female Maine Coon Cat, mostly dark brown with white on chest and paws. Name is 'Itty'., 3303091221
   Southside of New Philadelphia around 2nd Street

  2 DOGS
   1) Male Black Lab, wearing a blue collar, named "Buddy," 2) Female Terrier, black-and-white speckled fur, wearing a black collar, named "Sophie", 330-987-5609
   Wolf Run Road in Dennison

   Male cat, light orange fur, named “Rocky” , 330-340-2659
   100 block of Front Street in Dover

   Male, tan and black fur, 35 pounds, fixed, named "Wolfee", missing since 12/15/17, 330-440-5720
   State Route 800 in Uhrichsville

   Male Tabby, named "Boo Boo," friendly, 13 months old, was wearing a blue collar and tags but might have lost them, wearing a blue striped T-shirt (because of an injury), missing since October 2017, 704-770-7183 or 330-365-1672
   Ray Avenue in New Philadelphia near Tuscarawas Avenue

   Male, light orange fur, named "Simon", 330-260-1602

   Male Tiger cat, grey and black fur, young, small, named "Fiba," missing since 1/10/18, 330-556-8053
   Latto Road and Kleski Road in Uhrichsville

   Female Golden Retriever, named "Emma," young (not quite a year old), light-colored blonde fur, very friendly, wearing a pink collar with white polka dots and tags, missing since 1/9/18, 330-340-3120

   Male Terrier mix, black and brown brindle fur, white front paws, 330-602-9945
   State Route 516

   Both male, mostly grey with white, may be brothers, well fed, about 6 weeks old, very friendly, wearing collars with pink bells on them, 330-365-6161
   Timber Trail Townhomes off of Route 800 in Dennison

  2 DOGS
   1) Large tan mix breed, 2) Pit Bull mix, brindle and white fur, 330-401-4802
   Tuscarawas Avenue in Dover

   Male, grey with white bib and boots, possibly 6 to 8 months old, looks cared for, scared but friendly, 330-343-1773
   E. Front Street and High Street in Dover

   Male, orange and white fur, 330-401-5909
   State Route 36 in Newcomerstown

   Grey tiger-striped cat., 330-432-7392
   Tuscora Park area in New Philadelphia

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