Male cockatiel, named "Pony," grey with a yellow head and orange cheeks, afraid of hands but not afraid of people, last seen in the Kent State Tuscarawas area, 330-260-6081
   21st Street SE in New Philadelphia

   Male orange Tabby, neutered, very loving and affectionate, good with kids, 330-432-0675
   Near the Rifle Club in Dennison

   Female Pit mix, black and white, very friendly, likes other animals, named "Leela", 330-401-4024
   6th Street SW in New Philadelphia (near Subway)

   Male, orange fur, short hair, named "Butters," offering a REWARD, 740-922-3513 (call), 330-243-7575 (text), or 510-499-1735 (text)
   Northeast section of Tuscarawas (Maple Street area)

   Male Boston Terrier, black and white fur, 330-440-7602
   Beaver Dam Road in New Philadelphia (Roswell area)

   Female, grey and white, yellow eyes, spayed, named "Fuzzy", 330-447-3400
   Nebraska Road and State Route 516 in Dundee

   Female, black with white chest and paws, very loving, $50 REWARD, went missing on 4/20/19, 330-204-6111
   York Drive in New Philadelphia

   Prescription glasses, burgundy frames, 330-440-7088
   Possibly in the area of Dover Avenue in Dover

   Female, brown/grey/white fur, emotional support animal, went missing on 4/12/19, 330-243-2200
   1st Street in Uhrichsville

   Female Calico, orange/black/white fur, wearing a purple collar, 330-987-0262
   11th Street in New Philadelphia

   Male, orange fur, named "Cheddar," missing since about 3/11/19, 330-209-0751

   Female, 7 years old, white front paws, white patch on chest, 330-618-4751
   E. 18th Street in Dover

   Female Jack Russell mix, small, brown, named "Delilah," $100 REWARD for her return , 330-407-3909
   N. Walnut Street in Dover

   Husky, white and grey fur, blue eyes, wearing a purple halter but no tags, taken to the Tuscarawas County Dog Pound, 330-339-2616 (Tuscarawas County Dog Pound)
   2nd Street in Dennison

   Light brown, wire haired, young , 330-260-6854
   Water Street Extension in Uhrichsville

   Female, young, brown with a black face, white chest and paws, pointy ears, very friendly, seems to have been recently bathed, 330-440-1306
   Myers Hollow Road in Gnadenhutten (off of State Route 416)

   Female Terrier/Shepherd mix(?), 6 to 8 months old, wearing a pink harness, 330-401-5320
   Route 800 between East Sparta and Sandy Valley Estates

   Large black/white/brown dog, looks like an oversized Jack Russell, very friendly, seems like a house dog, 330-343-3006
   Baltzley Valley/Ridge Road NE in New Philadelphia

   Male mixed breed, mostly brown with white legs, black snout and face, black ears that stand up, 330-260-0889
   Near Welty Middle School

   Male(?) Tabby, grey striped fur, "M" marking on its forehead, wearing a black collar with a bell but no tags, 330-243-1542
   Near New Philadelphia High School

   Black chicken, 330-340-0460
   E. 5th Street in Dover (near East Elementary)

   Siamese, blue eyes, well taken care of, 330-339-2989
   Frys Valley Road in New Philadelphia

   Female Siamese, black and grey fur, young, blue eyes, squawks instead of meowing, was malnourished when found, 330-556-9034
   Off of N. Broadway in New Philadelphia

   Female, mostly grey with a white chest, about 3 or 4 months old, wearing a floral collar with a bow, 740-229-0652
   Parkside/Indian Meadows area in Dover

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