the WJER Team
Stacey Carmany Stacey Carmany (News Reporter)
Mandy Garver Mandy Garver (Sales Manager)
Jamie Hambach Jamie Hambach (News Director)
Bill Hammerstrom Bill Hammerstrom (News Reporter/Football Friday Host)
Hannah Hartman Hannah Hartman (Community Relations/Account Executive)
Eric St. John Eric St. John (Part-Time Announcer)
Steve Kelly Steve Kelly (Part-Time Announcer)
Kelly Kyle Kelly Kyle (Weekdays from 2:00 to 7:00pm)
Amy Smith Amy Smith (General Manager)
Ryan Pastircak Ryan Pastircak (Morning Show Host/News Reporter)
Gary Petricola Gary Petricola (Past President)
Laurel (Schonbrun) Quillen Laurel (Schonbrun) Quillen (Assistant Program Director)
Rosko Rosko (Part-Time Announcer)
Valerie Slabaugh Valerie Slabaugh (Traffic Director and Billing Manager)
Paul Tiratto Paul Tiratto (Program Director)
Paul Van Pelt Paul Van Pelt (Part-Time Announcer)
Michele Spring Michele Spring (Morning Show Host)
Carrie Williams Carrie Williams (Administrative Assistant)
Willie Grove Willie Grove (Sports Director)
Denny  Trimmer Denny Trimmer (Sports Announcer)
Tom  Farbizo Tom Farbizo (Sports Consultant)
Coach Phil Tidrick Coach Phil Tidrick (Sports Announcer)